Save $6 Per Zombie Dust Home Brewing Beer Recipe Kit with this Promo Code

Save $6 Per Zombie Dust Home Brewing Beer Recipe Kit #zombiedust #zombie #dust #clone #recipe #kit #homebrew

Save $6 Per Zombie Dust Home Brewing Beer Recipe Kit #zombiedust #zombie #dust #clone #recipe #kit #homebrew

Limited time and quantity Coupon Coupon Codes for the Month of September, 2017
Coupon Code Date: 9-26-2017 to 9-28-2017
Promo Code Details:  Save $6 Per Zombie Dust Clone Beer Recipe Kit
Promo Code: 6FEET
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Code Description: More Beer has a great promo code that will save you $6 on their highly acclaimed Zombie Dust clone beer kit called Soulless! At check out make sure that you enter the promo code 6FEET and you will save $6 off of each extract or all grain version of this Zombie Dust home brewing clone beer recipe! Not to mention, you will get FREE SHIPPING on any More Beer order of $59 or more, including beer kit orders!  This Zombie Dust Pale Ale clone is malty with a huge Citra hop presence! This is the MoreBeer clone of the Zombie Dust Pale Ale by 3 Floyds Brewing. This recipe falls right in line with the original featuring Munich, Crystal 60L, and Carapils malts along with 2-row malt to create a smooth malt backbone with a nice mouth feel in this pale ale.  The only hop in this beautiful beer is Citra and there is a whole bunch of it in this Zombie Dust clone beer kit!   With half a pound per 5.5 gallon batch, the Soulless Hop Pale Ale is a prime example of just how amazing Citra hops truly are! Here are some of the features of this beer kit!

ABV % 6.4
IBU 54
Beer Style Pale Ale & IPA
Ready to Drink Within 2-4 Weeks
Alcohol Content Medium (5-7%)
Bitterness High (46-70ibu)
Fermentation Temp Range 64-72

Zombie Dust Clone Beer Kit Promo Code

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Just $99 For A 15 Gallon Homebrewing Barrel!

Just $99 For A 15 Gallon Homebrewing Barrel!

Just $99 For A 15 Gallon Homebrewing Barrel!

Adventures in Homebrewing Promotion
Sale from Adventures In Homebrewing – April 2017
Sale Date: 4-10-2017 to While Supplies Last
Promotion Details: Just $99 For A 15 Gallon Homebrewing Barrel!
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Sale Description: Adventures in Homebrewing is currenting having a home brewing sale that can save you up to 50% on serveral home brewing items including homebrew kegs!  One of the best items in this sale are 15 Gallon used Whiskey Barrels which are fantastic for aging your homebrew in! These homebrewing barrels come from FEW Spirits which is a distillery located in Evanston Illinois that has been named in several articles as an up and coming distillery to watch. These once filled charred oak whiskey barrels will impart a whiskey taste and aroma on your homebrew, and improve the depth of flavor and complexity of your next beer. These are great for aging bold stouts in! Home Brewing Beer Barrel Sale

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