Save $4 On How to Brew, Best Selling Home Beer Brewing Book By John Palmer

Save $4 On How to Brew, Homebrew Book

Save $4 On How to Brew, Homebrew Book

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Promo Code Details:  Save $4 On How to Brew, Homebrew Book
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Coupon Code Description: John Palmer makes home brewing easy with proven techniques and a common sense approach to home beer brewing.  Right now at MoreBeer, you can get his best selling book How To Brew for just $14.99 and get free shipping on any More Beer order of $59+.  How to Brew makes for an excellent gift idea for any home brewer, regardless of their experience level. How To Brew contains basic information for the first time brewer and technical information for the Master Brewer. This was the first book to include legitimate in-depth information on all-grain brewing at home. John Palmer is a passionate home beer brewer and a metallurgist by trade. There is a great section on the different metals involved in brewing and how to treat and care for them. The information in this book is so valuable, you will continue to refer back to it year after year. Just the following home brewing deal link to take advantage of this limited time homebrew offer.


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