Free 5 Gallon Keg With This Promo Code

Free 5 Gallon Keg With This Promo Code

Free 5 Gallon Keg With This Promo Code

Limited time and quantity More Beer Pro Promo Code
More Beer Coupon Codes for July, 2018
Coupon Code Date: 7-11-2018 to 7-13-2018
Promo Code Details: Free 5 Gallon Torpedo Keg  Coupon Promo Code: KEG4ME – KEGERATOR PROMO CODE
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock Robo Brew Coupon Code Description:  Right now More Beer has a great promo code that will help you keep your beer cold and get your a FREE brand new 5 gallon home brewing keg!  If you have been thinking about picking up a kegerator now is the perfect time! Now until 7/13/2018 you can get a FREE 5 Gallon Torpedo Ball Lock Keg with the purchase of any of More Beer’s Kegerators! These kegerators were developed by home brewers for home brewers and when you take a look at the features, you will understand why!  They offer a very unique set of features at a price that cannot be beat.  For starters they are made with home beer brewers in mind so the digital controller goes from 26°F all the way up to 82°F to allow for fermentation control as well as serving.  Everything is included, including the gas line, beer line, and a robust MKIII regulator are all included.  The units also have a stainless door, stainless steel floor, CO2 tank holder, tower fan, tap & faucet tool, hose clamps, castor wheels, a glass storage rack and a drip tray. So act now if you were considering purchasing a kegerator, get a great price and a free 5 gallon beer keg!
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Home Brewing 5 Gallon Keg Sale! Plus Buy 4 and Get 1 Free

Home Brewing 5 Gallon Keg Sale!  Plus Buy 4 and Get 1 Free

Home Brewing 5 Gallon Keg Sale! Plus Buy 4 and Get 1 Free

Promo Code for the Month of  May, 2017
Homebrew Supply Promo Code Date: 5-24-2017 to 5-25-2017
Coupon Details: Home Brewing 5 Gallon Keg Sale and Buy 4 and Get 1 Free Promo CodeDRAINTHEKEG
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Coupon Description: This Promo Code will save you big on refurbished 5 gallon home brewing kegs! Best of all, if you buy 4, they will throw in a free keg!

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Homebrew Supply Keg Promo Code

Homebrew Supply Promo Code found at:

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Earthquake Tip For Homebrewers

An Earthquake Tip For Home Brewers #earthquake #preparation #water #storage

An Earthquake Tip For Home Brewers #earthquake #preparation #water #storage

Earthquake tip, store water in your unused home brewing kegs in case of the big one!


I have lived in Southern California my entire life and have experienced my share of earthquakes. Thankfully there has not been one that has disrupted access to water near me, but the possibility of it happening looms high.  Like any good Californian I have set aside an earthquake kit with water and food just in case it happens but I know that I have family members, friends, neighbors and loved ones who probably have not.

Did you know that a human can survive for only about 3 days with out water?

Most home brewing kegs are built from stainless steel which is an ideal material for storing water. Most home brewing kegs are 5 gallons in size, which means it also makes them easy to store and move around if needed.  I have about 4 extra kegs and when they are not storing beer, I fill them with water that I run through a carbon filter. Carbon filtering is a good idea because it will remove most of the chlorine from the water which can degrade stainless steel over time. Now, if the big one does occur and I know someone who is in need of water, I can lend a helping hand. It could be the difference between life or death and I highly encourage any home brewers to put their unused kegs to use if they live in an environment when they can benefit from an emergency water supply.

If you are ever looking to pick up an extra stainless steel keg, you can usually find one for a great deal here and get free shipping on it.

5 Gallon Homebrewing Kegs

If you need a carbon filter, this is the one that I use and also works great for cleaning up your home brewing water and removing off tastes generated from chlorine.

Carbon Water Filter

Hopefully this earthquake preparation tip will help someone. Just let me know if you have any questions.

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Adventures in Homebrewing Sale on New 5 Gallon Kegs!

Adventures in Home Brewing –
Sale on a Homebrewing 5 Gallon Kegs!

5 gallon homebrew keg

5 gallon homebrew keg

Limited time promo sale from Adventures In Home Brewing –
Coupon Code for the Month of  September 2015
Sale Date: 9-23-2015
Promotion Details:  Sale Price: $75 Regular Price: $119.99
Sale Code: Sale
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Coupon Item Description: This Coupon Code from Adventures in homebrewing will save you big on brand new 5 gallon homebrewing kegs.  These are top of the line stainless steel 5 gallon ball lock kegs.  No need to worry about bad seals, these kegs are brand new and ready to fill!

To take advantage of this home brewing promotion, use the coupon code listed above if applicable and click on the following promo code link:

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