Blichmann Brew Easy Home Brewing System On Sale!

Blichmann Breweasy Homebrewing System

Blichmann Breweasy Homebrewing System

Blichmann Brew Easy Home Brewing Rig Pricing Information
Retail Price: $1950
Homebrewing Rig Style: Blichmann Breweasy Homebrewing System
Homebrewing System – Brew Rig Details: This is  the Brew Easy Home Beer Brewing system by Blichmann. The BrewEasy Home Brewing Setup is a low footprint brewing platform, perfect for brewers with a small brewing space. This system utilizes a two kettle recirculation infusion mash system called the Kettle RIMS or KRIMS. This system is simple to use and is an approachable way to transition from extract to all-grain brewing. The Blichmann Brew Easy Home Brewery provides all the simplicity of a brew in a bag or BIAB system, but eliminates the cloudy wort, messy lifting, and provides great consistent efficiency. The BrewEasy Brewing System is a great option for brewers just getting started in All Grain Brewing. The list below shows all the items included in this turnkey homebrewing system.

Here are some of the features that this homebrewing rig comes with:

  • G2 BoilerMaker™ boil kettle (lower pot)
  • G2 BoilerMaker™ mash tun (upper pot)
  • False bottom for mash tun
  • AutoSparge™ for mash tun
  • Heat source (120V Boil Coil)
  • March 815 pump
  • TOWER of POWER™ controller (Electric)
  • TOWER of POWER™ LTE Control Module stand

Blichmann Brew Easy Home Brewing Rig Pricing Information

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