Promo Code June 2018 – Save $25 On A Home Brewing Refractometer

MoreBeer Deal Of The Day Promo Code Promo Codes and Coupon Codes Promo Code June 2018 - Save $25 On A Home Brewing Refractometer Promo Code June 2018 – Save $25 On A Home Brewing Refractometer Promo Codes
More Beer Coupon Codes for June, 2018
Coupon Code Date: 6-1-2018
Promo Code Details: Save $25 On A Home Brewing Refractometer
More Beer Promo Code: BEERDEAL – CLICK HERE
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock Coupon Code Description:  Use this MoreBeer promo code and Save $25 On A Homebrew Refractometer. This More Beer homebrewing  refractometer is a hand held refractometer with a metal body and flexible eye piece. It also features a rubber grip so it wont slap out of your hand to easy! It has a 0 to 32% brix scale and from 1.000 to 1.120 on the Specific Gravity Scale with .2% resolution and Automatic Temperature Compensation. Because your sample is just one drop, and will quickly adjust to the temperature of the refractometer, the temperature of the sample is irrelevant. This More Beer refractometer also comes with a manual calibration knob that is secured with a lock nut. To calibrate place one drop of distilled water on the testing platform and adjust to zero if necessary.

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