Save $7 On A Stainless Steel Home Brewing Whirlpool Arm Today Only

Save $7 On A Stainless Steel Home Brewing Whirlpool Arm Today Only

Save $7 On A Stainless Steel Home Brewing Whirlpool Arm Today Only

Limited time and quantity MoreBeer Promo Code
More Beer Coupon Codes for January, 2018
Coupon Code Date: 1-7-2018
Promo Code Details: Save $7 On A Stainless Steel Whirlpool Arm
More Beer Promo Code: BEERDEAL – Click Here
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Code Description: Today at More Beer with their deal of the deal, you can save $7 on their no weld needed, stainless steel whirlpooling arm for home brewing.  This is the whirlpool arm that I use in my boil kettle and it works great and was easy to install! So if you want clearer wort, quicker chilling times and higher levels of hop utilization during flameout a whirlpool arm is just what you are looking for. Simply pump your wort from your ball valve, into the stainless whirlpool arm and it will circulate your wort around the inside of the kettle creating a strong whirlpool. The whirlpool process will help settle homebrew trub in the center of your kettle, making it easy to pull clear wort from your ball valve. I use it in conjunction with my TrubTrapper and it works great to collect all of the boil debris. A whirlpool arm also helps you reach a much higher chilling efficiency when using an immersion chiller, due to the increased turbulation of wort. Here are some of the specs on this More Beer Stainless Steel Whirlpooling Arm:

  • Made of 100% food grade stainless steel
  • It features a 1/2″ Full Port ball valve and a 1/2″ barb.
  • The inner barbed elbow is 3/8″.
  • Features a 1/2″ MPT outlet for hooking up your ball valve directly, along with FPT on the inside for connecting any brewing accessory you might want!
Click here for to take advantage of this limited time coupon code from MoreBeer:


Home Brewing Coupon Code Found At:

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More Beer Promo Code $5 Off A Stainless Steel Whirlpooling Arm

$5 Off A Stainless Steel Whirlpool Arm

$5 Off A Stainless Steel Whirlpool Arm #homebrew #homebrewing

Limited time and quantity Coupon
More Beer Promo Codes for the Month of June, 2017
Coupon Code Date: 6-4-2017
Promotion Details: $5 Off A Stainless Steel Whirlpool Arm
Promo Code: BEERDEAL
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Description: This Home Brewing Deal is offered by More Beer and will save you $5 on one of their stainless steel whirl pool arms! If you are not familiar with a homebrewing whirlpool arm, it is used to circulate wort in the boil kettle, typically after the boil has concluded.  There are a few reasons for doing this, the primary reason being to speed up the chilling of the wort by circulating it around the chiller, to help collect the trub so that it is not drawn into the fermenter or to help make the most out of post boil hop additions.
This is the same whirlpool arm that I use in my homebrewing system.  It was a great price, easy to install and adds some new versatility to my home brewing rig!  You can see it in action in the animated home brewing image:
Home Brewing Whirlpool Animated Gif

Home Brewing Whirlpool Animated Gif Promo Code Stainless Whirlpool Arm

Home Brewing Coupon Code Found At:

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Trub Trapper Review

Trub Trapper

The Trub Trapper hop filter

Over the past 4 months or so I have been trying hard to find a good solution for keeping the solids and hop matter created during the boil, out of my homebrewing fermenter.  I started out using a Blichmann hop blocker, which worked fine, but I was a little disappointed with the quantity of wort that I had to leave behind in the kettle.  I then switched over to a hop spider / stainless steel hop filter which worked terrible as I was plagued with clogging issues. I then used 2 stainless steel hop filters with worked better but I still had major concerns regarding diminished hop utilization. Now I have found myself going down a new path and trying the Trub Trapper.

The reason I purchased the Trub Trapper was because on paper it looks like the perfect solution for my needs and works well with my all grain configuration.  What I like about the design of the trub trapper is that it has no top or bottom, so the hops can circulate in the kettle and I do not have to worry about reduced bitterness and aroma from stagnated hop circulation. It has a low profile so even if it gets clogged, there wont be too much of a wort loss and most importantly the trub is supposed to be caught in the trub trapper during the whirlpool so I do not transfer it to my conical fermenter.

So how does the trub trapper work in reality?

Per the description of the trub trapper, it is intended for a 10 – 15 gallon home brewing kettle and they do offer a smaller version for 5 gallon kettles.  I use a 20 gallon Blichmann home brewing kettle, but for the most part only brew 5 and 10 gallon batches, so I figured, what the hell, I will give it a shot with my setup.  My initial concern once I received the trub trapper was that it might be too small for my brewing setup but I figured I would give it a test run anyhow.

For my test brew, I went with a 5 gallon batch of MoreBeer’s M-80 All Grain IPA home brewing recipe.  I figured the 6 oz’s of hops would be a good test of the Trub Trappers capabilities.  Prior to brew day I started off by giving the TrubTrapper a good cleaning, like I do with any newly purchased home brewing equipment. The design of the Trub Trapper is relatively basic.  It looks like an old school air filter but instead of a paper membrane in the center, it has a ring of drilled stainless steel surrounded by a layer stainless steel mesh. On the top and bottom of the Trub Trapper there  is a silicon seal. Prior to starting my boil, I placed the trub tapper in the center of my boil kettle as shown in the following photo.



Something important to keep in mind, the TrubTrapper is only going to be effective if you have the capability of conducting a whirlpool at the end of your boil.  Whirlpooling is a brewing process where after your boil has completed, you recirculate your wort inside your kettle with the use of a pump and whirlpool arm. As the wort swirls around your boil kettle, the trub trapper catches and contains it.  If you do not have a whirlpool arm in your kettle, you can easily add one yourself as I did.  A whirlpool arm will run you about $38 and you can find a great home brewing whirlpool arm here if needed. This animated homebrewing gif shows the whirlpooling process being conducted.

Home Brewing Whirlpool Animated Gif

Home Brewing Whirlpool Animated Gif

For the trub trapper to be most effective, you need to allow the wort to whirlpool for about 10-15 minutes.  Depending on your homebrew recipe, this could be a great time for a hop addition or to begin your wort chilling process which is what I did.   All in my whirlpool process lasted about 20 minutes before my wort had chilled down to 70 F and I began transferring it to my conical fermenter. So did the Trub Trapper work?

The TrubTrapper

The TrubTrapper

You bet your sparge arm it did! The TrubTrapper exceeded my expectations.  As you can see from the photo above, it did a fantastic job of capturing the trub and keeping it away from my kettle transfer tube.  Initially it clogged a little bit, but I learned that if i burped the far side of it, the seal permitted the caught wort to escape while the Trub Trapper still contained the thick trub sludge. For $35 I feel that it was a great buy, especially when considering that alternative solutions cost far more and are not nearly as effective.

If you are considering buying a TrubTrapper, you can get it for a great deal here!

Purchase the Trub Trapper Here

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