Bells Brewing Amber Ale Craft Beer Review

Bell’s Amber Ale Beer Review

Bells Amber Ale Beer Review

Bells Amber Ale Beer Review

Disclaimer: Before reading this review please keep in mind, I am not a self proclaimed beer expert, I am just a home beer brewer who enjoys beer. My posts do not typically go into great detail and may be unconventional in their format; they are simply intended to help people with similar tastes avoid bad beers and find great beers.

Beer: Amber Ale
Brewery: Bell’s
Style: American Amber
ABV: 5.7%
My Score: 4/10

I live on the West Coast and for the most part I drink beers that are brewed on the West Coast.  For my birthday my brother got me a pack of these Bell’s Amber Ales and I was very excited to try them as I had heard such wonderful things about Bell’s.  So I poured my glass and was immediately disappointed by the cloudiness / chill haze.  You guys are supposed to be one of America’s best craft breweries why TF do you ship your beer in that condition, I would not pour my homebrew if it looked that cloudy.  So I drank the beer.  It had a mediocre head but a nice mouth feel.  I did not care for the hop profile to be honest.  I felt the beer was boring and not the type of boring that it makes for a good beer to enjoy with your meal; just the type of boring that makes me wish I chose a different beer.  I look forward to trying other beers brewed by Bell’s but will be passing on this one in the future.  You may want to take my review with a grain of salt as Bell’s Amber Ale currently scores an 87 of Beer Advocate.

In a nutshell:

Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down

4 thoughts on “Bells Brewing Amber Ale Craft Beer Review

    • I do not recall it specifying that it was unfiltered. A good many craft breweries do not filter their beers (ales included) yet still release beer with high clarity levels. Perhaps they are bottle conditioning this beer, but even if that is the case I did not rouse the bottle prior to pouring it and would have expected it to be far clearer; this beer was seriously hazy. Chill haze or cloudiness in beer can be caused by a variety of factors but is rarely desirable at least not to me, unless I am drinking a hefeweizen or a style of beer that it would be expected. Perhaps my expectations are wrong for this style?

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