Eel River Brewing, Emerald Triangle Session IPA Craft Beer Review

Eel River Emerald Triangle Session IPA Craft Beer Review

Eel River Emerald Triangle Session IPA Craft Beer

Craft Beer Reviews

Disclaimer: Before reading this review please keep in mind, I am not a self proclaimed beer expert, I am just a home beer brewer who enjoys beer. My posts do not typically go into great detail and may be unconventional in their format; they are simply intended to help people with similar tastes avoid bad beers and find great beers.

Beer: Emerald Triangle Session IPA
Brewery: Eel River Brewing
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 4.5%
My Score: 8/10

So, the other night I  got home from work, put some People’s Court on the TV, as I often do, and then grabbed myself a beer. I sat down and poured this Eel River Emerald Triangle Session IPA. I am not sure if this is the People’s Court talking, but I really enjoyed it.  Let me get the not so great stuff out of the way first. The color is not ideal, kinda a piss yellow, but the beer had pretty good clarity and a nice head. The body and mouth feel were a bit thin but that is where my complaints end, and it is a session ale after all, so I can not really complain about a thin body.  The hop profile of this beer is fantastic, bursting with tropical and citrus notes; it tasted fresh and the flavor did not dissipate after a few sips.  I am at this moment looking forward to having another one, and watching another episode of People’s Court. I know that Eel River makes a full on (non session) IPA version if this beer and I would like to check it out because if this beer was a touch fuller on body, I would imagine it would be fantastic.

In a nutshell:

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up for the Eel River, Emerald Triangle Session IPA

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