Homebrewing Burner for $83 More Beer Promo Code

Home Brewing Burner for $83

Home Brewing Burner for $83


Promo Codes for MoreBeer.com Homebrewing Equpment and Supplies
Limited time and quantity promo code from MoreBeer.com – MoreBeer
Promo Codes for April 2016

Coupon Code Date: 4-1-2016
Promotion Details: Homebrewing Burner for $83
Promo Code: BEERDEAL
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Coupon Description:  MoreBeer.com currently has a coupon code for a Homebrewing Burner for $83. These camp chef 60,000 BTU burners are great for 5 gallon home brewing batches. They are highly efficient and will get you up to mash temp or a boil very quickly!  Here are some of this home brewing burners features:

  • Included leg extensions raise burner to a height of 22″, easily allowing for gravity-fed transfer of liquid from kettle to carboy or fermenter
  • Sturdy design works perfectly with any of our kettles or a converted keg
  • An included high-pressure regulator allows for great flame control. Turn it all the way up to heat water fast and then turn it down to maintain a rolling boil. This is a key feature of this burner
  • Burner has 60,000 BTU rating


MoreBeer Coupon Code For A Home Brewing Burner

More Beer Coupon Code Found At: HomebrewingCoupon.com

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