New Home Brewing Setup Image

Homebrewing Beer

Homebrewing Beer

I took this image at the tale end of my last home brewing session.  I brewed up about 5 1/2 gallons of a Pilsner. Recently I have been in the mood for Pilsners and Lagers, not sure if it is the warm weather or what, but they seem incredibly refreshing right now. After transferring to the stainless steel conical fermenter, I placed it in the fermentation refrigerator and set the temperature to 51 F.  I will allow it to ferment for 2 weeks, raise the temperature to 65 F for a diacetyl rest and then lager the beer for a couple of additional weeks and carbonate it!  I can not wait to taste it.  The home brewing session went perfectly and I am looking forward to tasting the fruits of my labor!

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