Pliny the Elder All Grain Homebrewing Recipe Kit

Pliny the Elder All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit

Pliny the Elder All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit

Russian River Pliny the Elder is one of those beers that I would love to stock my refrigerator or my kegerator for that matter with.  Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult beers for a person to come by. The good news is that home brewers can brew their own Pliny the Elder!

Here is the recipe:

Beer Style: Double IPA
Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 Gallons
Mash Type: Infusion
60 Minuntes at  152F Mash
10 Minuntes at 169F Mash Out
Grain Bill: 13 LBS Pale 2 Row Malt
1 LBS Cara-Pils Malt
8 OZ Crystal 40L Malt
1 LBS Corn Sugar Added During Last 10 Minutes of Boil
Hops: 2 oz Whole Cascade Hops Added at the Start of the Mash
2 oz Magnum  – Start of Boil –  90 Minutes
1 oz Simcoe  at 45 Minutes
1 oz Columbus at 30 Minutes
1 oz Simcoe at Falme Out
2 oz Centennial at Flame Out
Other Additions: Whirlfloc Tablet at 5 Minutes Before End of Boil
Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast or SA-05
Fermentation: 2 Week Primary Fermentation at 68F
Dry Hop at the end of fermentation for 5-7 days
3 oz Columbus
1 oz Centennial
1 oz Simcoe
Cold crash for 2 days at 40F
Bottle or Keg and Condition for 2 weeks
Notes: This Pliny the Elder Kit and an Extract Version can be purchase here
Homebrew Recipe for Pliny the Elder

Homebrew Recipe for Pliny the Elder

One of the best things about this recipe is that it was given to MoreBeer from the owner of Russian River. For a very reasonable price MoreBeer is selling both the Pliny the Elder All Grain Beer Kit and the Extract Pliny the Elder Beer kit for a very reasonable price and it ships free!

These Pliny the Elder Home Brewing Kits Can Be Purchased Here

More Information on this Pliny the Elder Homebrewing kit found Here:
West Coast Brewer


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