Save $30 On a March Homebrewing Pump with this Promo Code

Save $30 On a March Homebrewing Pump with this Promo Code

Save $30 On a March Homebrewing Pump with this Promo Code

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Promo Codes for the Month of February, 2017
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Save $30 On a March Home Brewing Pump
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:  This coupon code saves you $30 on a March Homebrewing Pump. This newly designed home brewing pump comes with all the great features of the original – magnetic drive, handles flow restriction, okay for boiling temperatures, 6′ cord with plug, food-grade materials in contact with the liquid, 1/2″ ports, etc.  The new design features a different slightly higher flow rate with less issues of cavitation.  Here are some of the features:
  • Included bracket for mounting
  • 6′ power cord with plug wired in for easy use
  • Maximum flow of just over 7 gpm
  • Maximum head of 18 feet (at zero flow)
  • 1/2″ mpt fittings on both inlet and outlet.
  • Materials in contact with solution: Polysulfone, 316 stainless steel, silicone rubber, Ryton and Teflon
  • 1/25 hp, continuous-duty, thermal overload protected, single phase 1.4 Amp motor
  • Motor is fan cooled
  • Will handle internal pressures to 50 psi.
  • Max temp rating: 250F Coupon Code Homebrewing Pump

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