Start Brewing Beer at Home for Just $44 with this Promo Code

Start Brewing Beer at Home for Just $44

Start Brewing Beer at Home for Just $44

Limited time and quantity Promo Code
Promo Codes for the Month of March, 2017
Coupon Code Date: 3-6-2017
Promotion Details: Start Brewing Beer at Home for Just $44
Promo Code: BEERDEAL
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Description: If you have been wanting to try your hand at brewing your own beer but have not wanted to make a big investment in homebrewing gear, this is your chance.  With this More Beer promo code, you can get a 1 gallon IPA homebrewing starter kit for just $44! This 1 Gallon IPA Home Brewing Starter Kit is about the easiest way to get started home beer brewing! This More Beer Home Brew Starter Kit allows you to craft beer right in your kitchen in just a few hours!
MoreBeer’s thoughtfully crafted Ingredient beer refill kits include everything you need for your batch, from grain bag to bottle caps. Unlike some other manufacturers there are no costly add-on packages needed to complete the brewing process. More Beer has a full line of home brewing recipes that span a wide range of classic and modern beer styles. If you’ve ever thought about brewing your own beer at home, there’s no reason to hesitate any further. This is the starter kit you’ve been waiting for. Here is what the kit comes with:
  • Wide Mouth, Easy-To-Clean 1 Gallon Fermenter Jar
  • Fermenter Jar Lid w/ 3-Piece Airlock
  • Mini Auto-Siphon makes transfers a breeze
  • Food-Grade Transfer Tubing
  • Premium, Spring-Loaded Bottle Filling Wand
  • Bottle Capper
  • Sanitizer Concentrate
  • American IPA Recipe Kit (see below for more info)
  • Specialty Steeping Grains
  • Fermentable Malt Extract
  • Brewer’s Hops
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Disposable Grain Bag (for Steeping Grains)
  • Carbonation Drops
  • Bottle Caps

American IPA
This India Pale Ale features the clean bitterness of Magnum hops and healthy dose of the flavors and aromas of Cascade: arguably the hop behind the modern craft beer movement.

Color/Body: Amber/Medium
Bitterness: Very High
Estimated Alcohol: 6% Coupon Code Homebrewing Starter Kit

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