Save $5 On A More Beer Cali Mountain Pale Ale Homebrew Recipe Kit

Save $5 On A More Beer Cali Mountain Pale Ale Homebrew Recipe Kit

Save $5 On A More Beer Cali Mountain Pale Ale Homebrew Recipe Kit

Limited time and quantity Coupon
More Beer Promo Codes for the Month of June, 2017
Coupon Code Date: 6-9-2017 to While Supplies Last
Promotion Details: Save $5 On A Cali Mountain Pale Ale Beer Recipe Kit
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Description: Right now at you can save $5 on each Cali Mountain Pale Ale Extract Home Brewing Kit that you purchase.  That works out to a cost of just $24.99 for this home brewing kit and best of all, More Beer home brewing kits ship free when you spend $59 or more on a purchase.  The More Beer Cali Mountain Pale Ale beer kit is a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone that hits the target! This home brewing beer kit clone is one of the most iconic pale ales in the country: Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.  The flavors in this home brewing kit blend together perfectly, creating a complex yet easy to drink homebrewed beer. The hop additions are Magnum and Perle which provide a clean bitterness that balances the sweetness from the Crystal 60L malt perfectly.  The aroma hop and dry hop additions are both Cascade, providing a citrus & floral aroma as fresh as the forests in California’s mountains!  Here are some of the specifics on this home brewing beer kit from More Beer:

Estimated OG: 1.054
Estimated SRM: 10
Estimated IBU’s: 40
Estimated alcohol ABV%: 5.6 Promo Code Beer Kit

Home Brewing Coupon Code Found At:

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