New Low Priced Keg King Kegerator Ships for Just $6.99

New Keg King Kegerator Ships for Just $6.99

New Keg King Kegerator Ships for Just $6.99

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Promo Codes for August 2017
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 8-11-2017 to 8-22-2017
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New Keg King Kegerator Ships for Just $6.99
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Coupon Description
: The Keg King Mark 4 is the first Kegerator designed specifically for homebrewers! The Keg King Series 4 Kegerators are the only kegerators designed specifically for home brewing applications and that is what makes them them so great! They feature Intertap solid stainless forward seal faucets and even a tower cooling fan. They also have a front panel on and off switch, an interior glass holder to keep your glasses clean and cold! The kegerator comes built in with a wide range thermostat  adjustable from 26° to 82° F.  With all of these features you would think it would cost a small fortune, but they are surprisingly affordable, especially when considering that they come with Intertap forward seal faucets standard that are mounted on a brushed 304 stainless tower.  Best of all, these Kegerators Ships for only $6.99!

Keg King thought of everything with this new Mark 4 Kegerator;  the Keg King Series 4 is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel making for the perfect pour, every time. This kegerator is incredibly spacious for such a compact design, in fact, the glass holder can be removed to fit 3 kegs!  Unlike kegerators with standard 30° to 50° temperature ranges, the Mark 4 can be adjusted easily with the front panel digital display from 25° to 82° F,  which means you can also use your kegerator  as a fermentation chamber for ales or lagers any time of the year!


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