Save $10 On A New Genesis Fermenter and Cryo Hop Bundle

Save $10 On A New Genesis Fermenter and Cryo Hop Bundle

Save $10 On A New Genesis Fermenter and Cryo Hop Bundle Promo Codes
William Brewing Promo Codes for November, 2017
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 11-2-2017 to 11-4-2017
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Save $10 On A New Genesis Fermenter and Cryo Hop Bundle
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:  Right now at Williams Brewing, you can Save $10 On A New Genesis Homebrewing Fermenter and Cryo Hop Bundle!
So what is so great about the new Genesis homebrew fermenter? Well, to start, the Genesis fermenter is a 6 1/2 gallon fermenter made of BPA free HDPE plastic!  So it is the perfect size for 5 gallon batches of homebrew and you need not worry about it breaking like a glass carboy could. The Genesis home brewing fermenter also features gallon markers and a wide 5 1/2″ threaded lid with sealing gasket, stopper, and airlock, making it super easy to clean. Still better, it has easy lift handles built right in, making it easy to carry even when full or wet, helping to avoid a home brewing disaster! What really separates the Genesis homebrew fermenter from the rest is that it can be used with or without a sterile fermentation liner. The innovative fermentation  liner eliminates the need to sanitize and clean the fermenter which is a huge time saver. Lastly, the NEW Genesis homebrew fermenter is the first fermenter with zero head space when used with its BPA free sterile disposable fermentation liner. Why is that important? Oxygen is the enemy of beer and eliminating head space helps reduce the risk of oxygen contact with your beer. This makes the Genesis fermenter ideal for beer fermentation.  One more great thing about the Genesis, it is made in U.S.A.! Here are some additional features:
• No Sterilizing or Chemicals Required
• Easy to Clean. Just toss the fermentation liner
• No Head space
• Built in handles for easy and safe lifting
• Comes with an airlock!
Genesis Fermenter #Genesis #Fermenter

Genesis Fermenter #Genesis #Fermenter

Better yet, for a limited time, you will get 5 one ounce packs of Cryo™ Hop Pellets in with the Genesis for only $69.99! That is a savings of $10. If you have not tried Cryo hops before, they are the best thing since crushed grains! Cryo hops have double the alpha acid and essential oils per ounce as regular pellets hops making them super potent! This cryo hop bundle includes some great hops too! Included in this bundle are 1 oz. of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic, and Ekanuot!


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