Save $60 On A Keg King Kegerator and Get $6.99 Shipping

Save $60 On A KegKing Kegerator and Get $6.99 Shipping With This Williams Brewing Promo Code

Save $60 On A KegKing Kegerator and Get $6.99 Shipping With This Williams Brewing Promo Code

Williams Brewing Coupon Code
William Brewing Promo Codes for January, 2018
Coupon Code Date:
 1-12-2018 to 1-13-2018
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Save $60 On A Keg King Kegerator and Get $6.99 Shipping
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Coupon Description
:  From now until Saturday in select areas of the United States, Save $60 On A KegKing Kegerator and Get $6.99 Shipping With This Williams Brewing KegKing Coupon Code.  The Keg King Series Mark 4 Kegerators are the first kegerators designed specifically with home brewers in mind. They feature Intertap solid stainless forward seal beer faucets and even a tower cooling fan. One of the best features for home brewing is that the thermostat is adjustable from 26° to 82° F making it easy for a home brewer to conduct a fermentation in.  When it is time to pour a glass of beer, the kegerator features a handy glass holder inside to keep your beer glasses chilled.  Just open the door and grab an ice cold glass and dispense. The glass holder holds both Belgian type stemmed glasses, and can also hold pint glasses. The glass holder can be removed, as it only allows you to have two 5 gallon and one 3 gallon or shorter keg inside at once. And since cold does not rise, you will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy, followed by colder pours once you have dispensed a beer or two. At home this is a real problem, unless you pour beers in quick succession.  The Keg King Series 4 is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel. Here are some of the features of the Keg King Kegerator:

Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 Faucet Brushed Stainless Faucet Towers
All Stainless Intertap Faucets are standard
CO2 Cylinder Bracket Holder (C02 bottle not included)
Built in Tower Cooling Fan with on off switch on front panel
Beer and Gas Line with hose clamps
Intertap Multi Tool
Removeable Castor Wheels
Included Drip Tray


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