GrainFather Promo Code – Save $200 Plus Get FREE Shipping

GrainFather Promo Code - Save $200 Plus Get FREE Shipping

GrainFather Promo Code – Save $200 Plus Get FREE Shipping

Adventures in Home Brewing Grain Father Promotion
Homebrewing Deal from – June 2018
Sale Date: 6-1-2018 to Unknown
Promotion Details: GrainFather Promo Code – Save $200 Plus Get FREE Shipping
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Sale Description: Would you like to save $200 on a new GrainFather Connect home brewing system?  Do you also want free shipping?  Now is your chance! The Grainfather is an all inclusive all grain home beer brewing system. The Grain Father home brewing system allows you to mash at high extract efficiency by utilizing a pump for easy recirculating of the wort through the mashing process. The grain bed is then easy raised out of the kettle to provide for sparging and draining of the grains. Your mash tun then becomes an electric boil kettle. The mash temperature and boil are all controlled precisely with an electric heating element. The system comes with a digital temperature controller so you can adjust temperature of your mash with in a degree. This allows for step mashing. The included pump allows for easy recirculating of your wort during the mash as well as allows for quick cooling at the end of the boil by allowing you to pump through the included counter flow wort chiller. This whole 8 gallon system is extremely compact so it makes for easy indoor or outdoor brewing.

Grain Father Connect Control Box Features:
  • Control remotely with bluetooth connection to your mobile device
  • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Delayed Heating – wake up to waiting strike water and get brewing!
  • Easily switch between celsius  and fahrenheit
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Adaptable mounting system allows it to be used with any current GrainFather
  • Can be used with app or manually on the system


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