More Beer Coupon Code for a Free FastFerment Stand

More Beer Coupon Code for a Free FastFerment Stand

More Beer Coupon Code for a Free FastFerment Stand Promo Codes & Coupons –  Coupon Codes for November, 2018
Coupon Code Date: 11-13-2018 – 11-16-2018 Promo Code Details:  Free Fast Ferment Stand
More Beer Promo Code: STANDFREE – CLICK HERE
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock Coupon Code Description: For the next three days at MoreBeer, buy a $99 Fast Ferment fermenter and get a free stand! The fast ferment is the most economical conical fermenter around and right now it is even a better deal. During fermentation the bottom valve of the FastFerment is left open so that sediment will fall into the collection ball. After fermentation is over the valve is shut and the collection ball can be removed without introducing oxygen into the FastFerment. Typically with most small conical fermenters if you let trub dump out the bottom air has to come into to replace that volume.  After dumping sediment the collection ball can be reattached and the valve opened again to allow clean yeast to settle into the ball. That yeast can then be used to ferment your next batch of beer. The fast ferment is made from HDPE plastic.  Here are the specs on the Fast Ferment fermenter:

  • 7.9 Gallon Capacity Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter
  • Six inch removable threaded top for easy cleaning
  • SS Thermowell for optional temperature monitoring
  • Half inch PVC tubing and hose clamp
  • Collection Ball
  • Airlock

Click the link to take advantage of this limited time and limited quantity promo code from More Beer!


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