Save 15% On The DuoTight Beer Tubing System Promo Code

Duo Tight Promo Code from

Duo Tight Promo Code from

William Brewing Promo Codes for January, 2019
Coupon Code Date: 1-16-2019 1-18-2019 Promo Code:
Save 15% On The DuoTight Promo Code: 
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Coupon Description:  Save 15% On The DuoTight beer tubing with this Williams Brewing promo code. Duo Tight simplifies beer lines with their new quick connect system. If you are looking to an alternative to cutting tubing and pressing it over hose barbs with hose clamps, with the resultant difficulty in dissassembly, you might find the Duo Tight System interesting. Based on double O ring sealed push in fittings, DuoTight allows easy repeated hose attachment and removal, as well as EVA Barrier lined odorless tubing that costs no more than economy PCV tubing. DuoTight features a patented dual O ring sealing system using high quality EPDM o-rings. The double o-ring means Duo Tight have twice the sealing surface surface when compared with other push in fittings. This makes Duo Tight even more reliable and reduces the chance of a leak. The double o-ring system also means that you can bend the hose with much tighter radius without causing leaking issues.  No clamps are needed. To use the Duo Tight System; cut your EVA Barrier tubing to length (cut tubing square for best results, not at an angle), and push into the Duo Tight fitting. To remove the tubing, simply press back on the sealing flange and pull the hose out. EVA Barrier Hose and Duo Tight fittings are rated up to 100 PSI.  The fitting seals tight without teflon tape when using plastic ball and pin locks, but you will need to wrap stainless male flare threads is a bit of teflon tape to get them to seal before threading these on.


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