Get this 128 oz Beer Mini Keg System for Just $114

Homebrewer Draft Beer Setup

Homebrewer Draft Beer Setup

Home Brewing Deal for November, 2019
Coupon Code Date: 11-14-2019 to Unknown
Home Brewing Promo Code Details: Get a complete home brewing mini keg system for just $114.99 while supplies last.
Homebrew Promo Code: CLICK HERE for the Mini Keg Deal
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Homebrewing Coupon Code Description:  This is about the best deal around when it comes to a portable draft beer mini keg system.  Easily share your homebrew or craft beer with friends and family.  This mini keg  will keep beer vacuum pressured and fresh for up to 2 months. Perfect for any homebrew or craft draught beer kegging equipment enthusiast. Monitor the mini keg growler’s current PSI from the regulator gauge and fine tune pressure by rotating the adjustment knob to enjoy a perfect head on every beer. This mini keg draft beer system is built from solid stainless steel. Each of the accessories in the tap dispenser kit is constructed with 304 stainless steel. Tap faucet handle is just pouring draft brew from a kegerator. Pressure release valve allows safe removal of the tap hardware the 128oz keg is the same volume as 2 traditional growlers and is laser marked at the fill level. Includes metal screw on lid for easy portable transportation and storage.

Click the link for all of the details and to take advantage of this limited time Home Brewing promo code.


Home Brewing Mini Keg System

Home Brewing Mini Keg System

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Home Brewing Mini Keg for Parties

Home Brewing Mini Keg for Parties

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