Adding fresh orange juice to the fermenter

With this batch of Hazy IPA, I am trying something new and adding freshly squeezed orange juice into the fermenter along with two ounces of Citra whole hops to finish off my IPA fermentation. My plan is to let it ferment for another 4-5 days before transferring it to the keg. I am also raising my fermentation temperature to 70 F.

I have experimented with adding fruit like nectarines in the past but was disappointed with how little of the fruit flavor makes it to the finished beer with some stone fruits. I am hoping that things will be different with citrus fruit.  I added the juice from 4 ripe medium sized oranges to the fermenter.  I am hoping the flavors of the oranges will compliment my hop selection and the esters from the yeast!

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Vermont style Hazy IPA Homebrew

The Hazy IPA finally finished carbonating and it is delicious! #homebrew #homebrewing  #homebrewer #hazy #ipa #hazyipa #beer #brewing 
I am happy with this batch of Homebrew. The IPA came out nice Hoppe and flavorful, not to mention hazy. I will be posting the recipe shortly for anyone who is interested in it.