Save 20% On Home Brewing Hops – Limited Time Offer at Williams Brewing

Save 20% On Home Brewing Hops #homebrew #homebrewing #hops #williams #brewing

Save 20% On Home Brewing Hops #homebrew #homebrewing #hops #williams #brewing Promo Codes
William Brewing Promo Codes for November, 2017
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 11-11-2017 to 11-15-2017
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Save 20% On Home Brewing Hop Order
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:  For a limited time at William’s Brewing, you can save 20% on your hops when you purchase 8 bags or more.  Now is a great time to stock up because they just received a fresh batch! This limited time Williams Brewing promo code allows you to mix and match whole hops, pellet hops and even their sought after selection of Cryo hops!


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New stainless steel hop screen

Stainless Steel Hop Spider

Stainless Steel Hop Filter


A stainless steel hop filter is the latest addition to my home brewing system setup. I am not sure about you but the trub, hops and sludge left at the bottom of the kettle can be frustrating on a few different levels.  First off, it slows the rate at which I can transfer to the fermenter after my wort has been cooled and I am also always disappointed by how much wort gets trapped along with the mess.  I am hoping that eliminating the majority of hop particulate will make a big difference with this. The reason I selected this one was mainly because of size, it measures at 14″ x 6″ and is fully stainless steel. I also like that even the bottom of the hop filter was mesh as I do not want to suffer when it comes to hop utilization and have diminished bitterness or aroma.

I am planning on brewing with it hopefully next weekend and I will let you know how it works out!