New stainless steel hop screen

Stainless Steel Hop Spider

Stainless Steel Hop Filter


A stainless steel hop filter is the latest addition to my home brewing system setup. I am not sure about you but the trub, hops and sludge left at the bottom of the kettle can be frustrating on a few different levels.  First off, it slows the rate at which I can transfer to the fermenter after my wort has been cooled and I am also always disappointed by how much wort gets trapped along with the mess.  I am hoping that eliminating the majority of hop particulate will make a big difference with this. The reason I selected this one was mainly because of size, it measures at 14″ x 6″ and is fully stainless steel. I also like that even the bottom of the hop filter was mesh as I do not want to suffer when it comes to hop utilization and have diminished bitterness or aroma.

I am planning on brewing with it hopefully next weekend and I will let you know how it works out!


6 thoughts on “New stainless steel hop screen

  1. One process I have added from time to time is a simple circulation around 30 min or so pumping the wort from the BK exit on top of the filter with the hops for more extraction and hopefully leaving some trub in there as well. I haven’t bothered with the fine details of the result though.


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