More Beer Promo Code For An Additional 10% On 15 Of MoreBeer’s Highest Rated Homebrewing Gear

Save An Additional 10% On 15 Of MoreBeer's Highest Rated Home Brewing Gear

Save An Additional 10% On 15 Of MoreBeer’s Highest Rated Home Brewing Gear

Limited time and quantity Promo Code
More Beer Coupon Codes for April, 2018
Coupon Code Date: 4-18-2018 to 4-19-2018
Promo Code Details: Save An Additional 10% On Some Of MoreBeer’s Highest Rated Homebrewing Items
More Beer Promo Code: TOP15 – CLICK HERE
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock Coupon Code Description:  More Beer has one of their biggest annual sales going on right now.  Act fast and save An Additional 10% On Some Of MoreBeer’s highest rated homebrew gear; plus get free shipping from More Beer on orders over $59. Some of the items include the More Beer ultimate sparge arm, Pliny the Elder home brewing recipe kits including both All Grain and Extract, Speidel Fermenters, home brewing cleaners and more!


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Recirculating in the mash tun!

Recirculating in the mash tun! For my home brewing mash tun I use a Blichmann 20 Gallon Boiler Maker Brew Kettle with the Blichmann false bottom.  I use a home brewing march pump that then recirculates my wort through a digital RIMS unit that I made which maintain the mash temp for me.  Since I am brewing in a stainless steel kettle and not an insulated cooler, I need to regulate the mash temperature.  During the 60 minute mash process I constantly have the wort circulating which helps clear it as well as boosts efficiency by circulating the hot wort (typically at 151F ) over the grain bed. I use the MoreBeer Ultimate Sparge Arm for my wort recirculation .  Is is the best sparge arm that I have ever used and never jams up!

More Beer’s Ultimate Sparge Arm, On Sale Now!

More Beer's Ultimate Sparge Arm, On Sale Now!

More Beer’s Ultimate Sparge Arm, On Sale Now!

Limited time and quantity Coupon
More Beer Promo Codes for the Month of August, 2017
Coupon Code Date: 8-12-2017
Promotion Details: Save $20 On A More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm
Promo Code: BEERDEAL
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock
Coupon Description:  Are you an all grain homebrewer, looking for a great sparge arm?  Well, look no further!  More Beer’s Ultimate Sparge Arm is perhaps the best a home brewer can buy and it is on sale today! Right now you can save $20 on this stainless steel home brewing sparge arm, just make sure that you enter More Beer promo code BEERDEAL at check out to take advantage of the $20 discount.  This stainless sparge arm also ships free! So what makes the ultimate sparge arm so great? Well to start, the sparge arm assembly is made completely of stainless steel and silicone. It is also highly versatile and features two adjustment points making it compatible with just about any all grain home brewing setup out there. One of the adjustment points permits you to raise the sparge arm up or down inside the kettle to accommodate different amounts of grain and different mash tun heights. This is especially great if you are considering upgrading your kettles down the road. The ultimate sparge arm is also ideal for sparging as well as recirculating your mash in a RIMS or HERMS system!  It’s wide mouth means no grain will clog it up like is the case with many other sparge arms. Here are some of the features of the More Beer Ultimate Homebrewing Sparge Arm:
  • Heavy gauge, food grade stainless and silicone construction
  • Built in ball valve allows you to easily adjust the flow rate
  • Included check ball will prevent back flow
  • A single, large diameter outlet port trickles onto a stainless disc, which distributes sparge water gently and evenly. This port is also much easier to flush out and keep clean than many other sparge assemblies with multiple small holes that grain gets stuck in during recirculation
  • Stainless tube measures 18.5″ from the top to the bend, and 8.5″ from the bottom to the center of the distribution disc.



Pliny the Elder All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit

Pliny the Elder All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit


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