Home Brewing Video – Loading up the mash tun with my batch of Oktoberfest homebrew grains and water from the HLT

Loading up the grain mill for my latest batch of homebrew.  This is my experimental Oktoberfest All Grain recipe.  For this batch, I only used Mandarina Bavaria hops!  I should know shortly how it came out and will be posting the recipe if it works well!  I brewed it on a home built brewing rig and use 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettles, gas fired burners and an electric home built RIMS system.

Final Cleaning of the Brewrig


Doing the final cleaning of the home brewing system.  After cleaning out all of the kettles and the chiller, I fill a bucket and throw in a scoop of PBW. I enable the RIMS system and have it circulate the water and PBW in the bucket.  I bring the water temp up to about 1ooF happens pretty quickly since it is only about 3 gallons of water.  I let it circulate for about 5 minutes once I have hit my desired temperature and let the PBW do its magic.  After that I break down the homebrewing RIMS system scrub everything, reassemble and flush with clean water.

Homebrewing Video – Mashing My Homebrew


Recirculating the Mash tun and bringing it up to the right temperature for appropriate starch conversion. This is a Dark Mexican Lager and I set the RIMS system to mash the grains at 152 F. This is a 5 gallon batch.  The sweet wort is drained from the bottom of the mash tun as it passes through a stainless steel false bottom.  The wort is then pumped into an electric stainless steel heating tube with a sight glass.  At the end of the heating tube I have a thermowell and a probe that leads back to a Ranco digital temperature controller.  The temperature controller reads the passing worts temperature and activates the stainless steel heating bar inside the heating tube when the wort falls below the desired mash temperature. After the wort passes the thermowell it is pumped back into the kettle via a stainless steel sparge arm.

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Home Beer Making Kit Video and Adventures in Homebrewing Free Shipping Offer

Video on what you can expect to receive when you purchase a home beer making kit from most online hombrew and homebrewing supply stores.  This extract kit came to use from Northern Brewer at NorthernBrewer.com.  Please be aware that the home beer making kits will differ from vendor to vendor and on which home beer brewing recipe you order.

If you are looking to purchase a home beer brewing kit, Adventures in Homebrewing is currently has a promotion going where you can purchase select homebrewing kits with free shipping.  They have a great vanilla porter homebrew kit that I would highly recommend!  You will find all of the details listed below.

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Vanilla Porter Home Beer Making Kit

Vanilla Porter Home Beer Making Kit

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