The TrubTrapper doing its thing!

This was my second time using the trub trapper.  On this homebrew day, I brewed up a 5 gallon batch of a Coffee Milk Stout. This batch only contained 3 ounces of hops so I was pretty curious to see how much debris the TrubTrapper was actually going to be able to trap with such a small amount of hops getting tossed in to the kettle. After the boil had completed, I whirlpooled for about 10 minutes and than began chilling while whirlpooling for another 15 minutes or so until my wort was down to 68F.  Being such a dark beer, it was truly a mystery what the TrubTrapper would contain until all of the wort was drained from my Blichmann brew kettle.

To my pleasure, the TrubTrapper exceeded my expectations and almost caught every bit of trub and hop particulate.  The image does not do the TrubTrapper’s impressive work full justice. The trub trapper must have caught a half a pound plus of trub and prevented it from passing in to the conical fermenter. I was very please with it’s performance.

If you are considering buying a TrubTrapper, you can pick one up here for a great price!

The TrubTrapper Kettle Screen

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