Save $50 on a new Kegerator and get flat rate shipping for just $6.99

Save $50 on a new Kegerator and get flat rate shipping for just $6.99

Save $50 on a new Kegerator and get flat rate shipping for just $6.99 Promo Codes
William Brewing Promo Codes for November, 2017
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 11-5-2017 to 11-5-2017
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Save $50 on a Keg King Kegerator and $6.99 Shipping
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CASAVE – Click Here
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In Stock
Coupon Description
:  This has to be the best deal that I have ever seen on a new KegKing Kegerator.  If you act now, you will save $50 on a KegKing Kegerator and gett $6.99 flat rate shipping.  There is one catch, the $50 discount is for California residents only.  The good news is that the flat rate shipping works regardless of where you live.
These KegKing kegerators are pretty awesome, because they were designed with home brewers in mind! In fact, the Keg King Series 4 Kegerator is the only kegerator designed specifically for homebrewers. They feature Intertap solid stainless forward seal faucets, which are the same beer faucets that I use on my kegerator and they work great! This kegerator even has a tower cooling fan with a front panel on and off switch to keep your beer tower nice and cold! It also features an interior glass holder to keep chilled glasses handy! The thermostat is adjustable from 26° to 82° F so that it can also be used as a fermentation chamber! 


The included Intertap forward seal beer faucets come standard with the Keg King Kegerator and are mounted on a brushed 304 stainless steel tower. Besides being of extremely high quality, these are the only beer faucets that can be easily converted to a growler filler or stout faucet by just unscrewing the spout. You can choose between standard forward seal Intertap Faucets made of solid stanless steel!

Cold does not rise and you will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy. But KegKing figured out a solution for this in their kegerator. The Keg King Series 4 is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel. This way, to save energy and minimize fan noise, you can leave the tower cooling fan off except at times when you are dispensing beer.

So if you have been thinking about buying a new Kegerator, this is your chance to get an incredible deal on one.  Click the link for all of the details!

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