Some photos from today’s homebrew session.

Here are some photos from my most recent home beer brewing session.  I am working on a new homebrew recipe, a Irish Cream Imperial Stout.  I have no idea how it will turn out, but if it is better than average I will be sure to post the recipe in case anyone is interested in brewing it!


Filling the mash tun  (20 gallon Blichmann brew kettle)


I hooked up my More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm and am recirculating the mash through my RIMS temperature control unit.

Post boil, I am whirlpooling my wort to collect all of the trub in my trub trapper while also chilling the wort down to 65 degrees in preparation of fermentation.

All done with the brew session and now I am cleaning the brew rig with the PBW and hot water.  I toss the wort chiller right in and recirculate the PBW and Water through that, my sparge arm and my hoses that come in contact with the wort. I let it sit over night and then scrub and rise everything with clean water.

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