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For today is project I welded up a old decommissioned 5 gallon brewery keg and made myself a new home brewery stool with an adjustable height seat.

I had bought a cheap stool for the base materials and cut it up to be used for parts. The items did not fit together perfectly so there was a good deal of cutting, grinding, welding and finishing. All in the project took about 3 hours but I am happy with the results. Having the ability to adjust the height on the seat comes in pretty handy depending on what project I am working on.  The additional legs around the base of the keg adds some stability to the stool in case one of my friends has had a few too many!

The tools that I used to make my brewery stool were a mig welder, grinder, hack saw / cut saw, wire brush, hammer and a little sand paper for finishing. If you would like to make your own brewing throne, brewery stool, keg stool or keg seat and have any questions, please feel free to ask or leave a comment.  I am always happy to help out!

Brewery Keg Stool #homebrew #keg #stool #bar #brewing #beer #brewery #chair #idea

Brewery Keg Stool #homebrew #keg #stool #bar #brewing #beer #brewery #chair #idea

New Home Brewing Products! Has the Worlds Best Home Brewing Wort Chiller Just Been Made?

Sabco BrewMagic Wort Chiller #sabco #homebrew #homebrewing #wort #chiller

Sabco BrewMagic Wort Chiller #sabco #homebrew #homebrewing #wort #chiller

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Coupon Description: If you are not familiar with SABCO, they are one of the elite producers of homebrewing sculptures, brew rigs, home brewing systems, home breweries or what ever it is that you choose to call them!  In addition to homebrewing rigs SABCO creates other high end home brewing products to work in conjunction with their homebrew setups.  The recently released a new home brewing wort chiller that is pretty incredible and may be the best I personally have ever seen.  The SABCO Chill Wizard System is what they are calling it and it is pretty incredible.

Why stress over picking the perfect wort chiller, beer pump, and oxygen/air pump when you can have all three in one amazing product? That was the thought behind SABCO designing  the Chill Wizard home brewing wort chiller. SABCO designed this semi automatic wort chiller to take care of just about everything and to help you brew better beer! With the SABCO Chill Wizard, you can even oxygen you wort directly into the wort flow line so you don’t have to do it later. SABCO really did think of everything with this wort chiller. The Chill Wizard home brewing wort chiller even has CIP capability.

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New SABCO Home Brewing Wort Chiller

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Cleaning the keg and tap lines

Not fun but you got to do it, cleaning the tap lines. #homebrew #homebrewing. I broke down the beer tap and soaked it in PBW. Then I cleaned all the lines with line cleaner and reassemble. #home #brewing

Just about any good home brewer will tell you that one of the first rules of home brewing beer and making good home brewed beer is cleanliness. Unfortunately humans are not the only beer lovers on the planet.  Beer is loved by everything from insects to bacteria and your homebrewing and keg systems are highly susceptible to bacterial growth. Beer lines, keg fittings and taps are often times places where the like to hang out and they should be cleaned regularly.  Thankfully there are several products out there to help you keep your systems sanitary and your beer tasting good!

After building my Kegerator setup which you can view here, I knew that I would need to care for it and clean my taps so I purchased the line cleaning kit and some liquid beer line cleaner which is shown above.  The kit was great, it came with instructions and everything that I needed in order to do the job. The beer keg line cleaning kit came with a 1 quart hand pump that pushes Beer Line Cleaner through the draft beer system. The faucet gets removed and cleaned with the included faucet wrench and brush.  The process is relatively quick and easy and takes about 20 minutes to clean a couple beer taps out.

If you are interest in purchasing a draft beer line cleaning kit you can find it here:

Keg line cleaning kit

Keg Line Cleaning Solution

Here are the detailed instructions on how to clean your keg beer lines, beer taps and beer faucets:

1) Remove the tap from the keg. Use a beer faucet wrench to remove the faucet (the piece that the beer actually flows though to your glass) from the draft beer shank. The beer faucet collar should have a few holes in it, insert the wrench end into a hole and spin the collar clockwise to remove.

2) Next, disassemble the faucet to the point that the shaft inside can slide out. Place these parts in a bowl with 2 cups of warm water and ¼ teaspoon of Beer Line Cleaner. Put one cap full of beer line cleaner into the beer line pump jar and fill with warm water. Attach the lid pump unit back on the jar. Get a bucket to collect the fluid running from the tap. Insert the cleaning brush small end into the bottom of the tap to allow the flow to go through if needed.

3) Pump the cleaning solution though line and tap allowing the solution to sit in the lines for 10–15 minutes, then pump through. Follow this with 1–2 jars of water to rinse. Remove the brush from the tap.

4) Use the brush and a towel to clean the draft beer faucet and then rinse with clean water. Reassemble the faucet, hand tighten parts, leave loose enough so that they move freely. Attach the faucet back onto the shank again, using the wrench, do not over tighten, just tighten enough so that it does not leak any precious beer!

Making some changes to the stainless steel hop filter.

I just worked on making an upgrade to my stainless steel hop filter last night. I added a new stainless steel pre-filter to it, so now when I recirculate during the boil I can isolate the hops in the bottom filter and not contaminate them with any solids that are captured in the pre-filter. As needed I am able to pause recirculation and  rinse out the pre filter to avoid any clogging. At least that is the plan. The main filter is a larger cylinder shaped filter and the pre-filter is a smaller conical shaped filer which should allow for plenty of space for the hops.  In order to make the two filters nest properly I had to grind out one of the support arms and then smooth down the edges.  I have everything a good cleaning once I was done.

I hope to brew this weekend and will post the results!

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Save $91 On A GrainFather Homebrewing System + FREE Shipping

Save $91 On A GrainFather Homebrewing System + FREE Shipping #grainfather #grain #father #homebrewing #system #setup #beer #brewing #brewery #home #electric

Save $91 On A GrainFather Homebrewing System + FREE Shipping #grainfather #grain #father #homebrewing #system #setup #beer #brewing #brewery #home #electric

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Homebrewing Grain Mill

Homebrewing Grain Mill

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Homebrewing Water Filter Kit

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Homebrewing Water Filtering Kit

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