Making some changes to the stainless steel hop filter.

I just worked on making an upgrade to my stainless steel hop filter last night. I added a new stainless steel pre-filter to it, so now when I recirculate during the boil I can isolate the hops in the bottom filter and not contaminate them with any solids that are captured in the pre-filter. As needed I am able to pause recirculation and  rinse out the pre filter to avoid any clogging. At least that is the plan. The main filter is a larger cylinder shaped filter and the pre-filter is a smaller conical shaped filer which should allow for plenty of space for the hops.  In order to make the two filters nest properly I had to grind out one of the support arms and then smooth down the edges.  I have everything a good cleaning once I was done.

I hope to brew this weekend and will post the results!

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