Keg cleaning day!

I kind of feel like a sheriff that just shot the last bullet in his gun right now.  All of my kegs have run empty so I need to get brewing again!  Know that this day was quickly approaching, I have been giving some thought to what I would refill my home brewing kegs with and here is my plan so far for my four potential kegs.

Beer Tap #1: An easy drinking beer, either a blonde ale, pilsner, American wheat, lager, session pale, brown ale or Oktoberfest style beer.

Beer Tap #2: An IPA, Double IPA or Hazy IPA.  I have been craving hazy IPA’s lately so I will more than likely go that route.

Beer Tap #3: Something dark and robust, either a Porter, Stout or Russian Imperial Stout. Perhaps even a Russian Imperial Coffee Stout!

Beer Tap #4: This will be my rotator beer. Currently I have a cider fermenting in the fridge, so that will fall in to this 4th slot for now, but after that I will fill it with seasonal favorites and experimental beers.

Hopefully I can fit a brew day in over the next week or two!


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